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Cyber Threat Intelligence Types

There are 3 types of cyber threat intelligence.

1) Tactical Cyber Threat Intelligence

Tactical CTI provides more specific details about the tactics, techniques and procedures of threat actors, also known as TTP.

Usually Tactical CTI reports contain IOCs (data such as IP address, hash).

The following people or products usually use the type of strategic cyber threat intelligence.

  • SOC Analyst
  • Security Products (IPS/IDS/EDR/Firewall)
  • SIEM Products

2) Operational Cyber Threat Intelligence

Operational CTI; It allows you to understand cyber threat actor's motivations, goals and TTPs.

  • Threat Hunters
  • Incident Responders
  • Security Engineers

3) Strategic Cyber Threat Intelligence

Strategic CTI; is an intelligence type that provides detailed analysis of trends and emerging risks to create an overall picture of the possible consequences of a cyber attack.

  • C Level Executives
  • Managers